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Interior Design is about creating YOUR home not a showhome

Interior design should be the best part of any project, unfortunately it can be the most confusing and overwhelming time of your build or renovation, this can cause undue stress and anxiety which compromises your ability to make the best decisions, and you may not be as happy with the end result. 

When you engage Zane Tate Design we take the stress out of the equation by guiding you through the design process, helping you to understand what will and won't work for your spaces all while keeping within your budget to avoid any unforeseen blowouts!

Once you make contact we will have a short phone conversation so we can understand your project and what you are wanting to achieve, if we are the right fit we will book at 90 minute initial consultation to dive deeper into your needs and provide some helpful advise, if you need further assistance Zane will tailor a Design Package to suit your needs, and budget to begin working together. 


Cozy Living Room


For this 90 minute get together, Zane will meet you in your home to discuss the details of your project and offer advice, suggestions, and overall concept ideas, for smaller projects this maybe enough for you to complete the look yourself, or Zane will create a full Interior Design Service package to create and implement your interior design dreams.

$150 + GST



After the initial consultation Zane will create a tailored Interior Design Package of services to make your interior design dreams come true. Interior Design Services can include the specification of products, materials, and colours for, kitchens, and bathrooms, flooring, lighting, paint, wallpaper, window treatments, custom or imported furniture, decor items, art, and accessories, and anything else you might need to complete the look!

Paint Cans


Choosing the right colours and finishes inside and outside your home is essential to creating a good foundation for a beautiful, cohesive, and inspiring home. Zane will guide you through the selection process to ensure you make the right decisions to achieve your desired look and feel.

Window Treatments


Zane Tate Design offers a a full window dressing service. Zane will help you select the right products, materials, and fabrics for your spaces and budget. Once the products have been selected we take care of the ordering, making, and installation so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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